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Avoid 1&1 Hosting Like the Plague

Posted on 03 July 2001 by Demian Turner

As long as you didn’t ever need an answer to an email, these guys were okay. But the minute you had a requirement that fell outside their slow, automated system, you were left up to your own devices.

Initially, and certainly from the advertising, the One & One offering seems quite generous and full-featured for the money. The problems set in once you tried to get out of the box. Little details were quite frustrating like not being able to connect to remote mySQL servers (your own assigned DB is in a list of about 5000 which you have to comb through if you’re using phpMyAdmin).

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  1. moobi Says:

    try the Demo for the BEST PHP / MySql Hosting Company :
    userid : demo1
    pass : peshawar

  2. Carl Says:

    When you say can’t connect to remote MySQL servers, from your scripts (on 1&1) or connect to MySQL from remote? If it’s the former then I can understand that, the other way around? That’s just silly!

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