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Beginning PHP4

Posted on 03 July 2001 by Demian Turner

A Great Foundation Book
There are of course so many books on PHP available now – it can be difficult to choose. Myself, I just went out and bought about 5 books over the course of the last 2 years, and this particular one, despite it’s ‘beginner’ title, I’ve found to be one of the best. The main attractive feature of this book is the solid advice it gives on coding structure and approach to building web applications.

I have quite a few other PHP books that don’t have ‘beginner’ in the title that are less advanced than this one ! One particularly good chapter is chapter 17 on ‘Building a URL Directory Manager’. Put simply, the author introduces a procedural style of coding that lays out the full range of functions needed for the app, then ‘swiches’ to the required routine via a case/switch statement that passes the appropriate variables to the appropriate functions.

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PHP Developers’ Cookbook

Posted on 03 July 2001 by Demian Turner

Streamline your PHP Code
This is the most useful “second” PHP book available. I say “second” because it’s geared towards those that understand a bit already but still, it’ll even help the complete newbie as it’s easy to read and will make sense to most anyone. Excellent tips, short-cuts, examples, etc. Curious about shortening, optimizing and streamlining your PHP code? This book will help. Includes uses of various PEAR classes too (PEAR being similar to Perls CPAN). This cookbook WILL suit your PHP hunger, we need more books like this.

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The Ternary Operator

Posted on 03 July 2001 by Demian Turner

No Looking Back
Once you discover the ternary operator, there’s no looking back. It greatly simplifies and compacts ‘if’ statements where there are only two options, ie, if and else.

The following code example demonstrates one use of the ternary operator (which occurs on line 9):

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