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Astalavista Secure Hosting!

Posted on 29 April 2002 by Demian Turner

Features Included: highest security, safe virtual Web Hosting, Secure server housing and Secure E-Mail solutions, 100MB Webspace, Secure POP3 Accounts, Web Mail, Unlim. Auto-responders, Sub Domains, Custom Error Pages, Unlim. Transfer, FrontPage, PHP, MySQL, PERL, cgi-bin, forums, guestbooks, counters, SSL, Mailing List, 24/7 Support and more – No setup fee !

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  1. ronak Says:

    For PHP Hosting in the UK I can recommend The Positive Internet Company based in London.

    Their tech support team is second to none in my experience. I changed host companies twice in 2 years. I started on Easynet and then CIX/Nextra but neither provide sufficient developer tools and their tech support
    departments were not exactly skilled.

    I moved to Positive Internet on the recommendation of a colleague and have been with them for 3 years now. They have never disappointed me in that time and although tech support is via email only I always get a full and detailed answer. They are all developers themselves and so it works out very well in terms of communication.

    They provide full support for PHP with the majority of the libraries include the GD/FreeType combo and of course MySQL. They also fully support Java servlets and JSP (as well as the php_java library).

    Check them out at:

    They also have a good tech support forum, an option for managing your support tickets online and provide full SSH access. I should also mention that the tone of the tech support emails from Positive Internet are always frienldy and extremely helpful. This is a rare quality in my experience and makes a great change from the bad attitude that I have had to endure from the tech support departments of my previous hosting companies.

    My only regret is that they don’t have the PDF libraries for PHP nor the Ming/SWF libraries.

  2. positive Says:

    Thanks for your kind comments, we are pleased to say that this is not an unusual response from our customers and we will always be looking to maintain if not improve quality of service.

    To comment on your last point with regards PDF & Ming/SWF libraries, we are always looking at ways of getting the most out of a shared hosting environment and we may well introduce at least Ming/SWF soon, however since most people require fairly heavy use of resource for projects/sites which include creation of PDF documents in particular, we feel our low priced \"ready to go\" dedicated server is a better option, and this does come ready for PDF, Ming and all sorts of other PHP libraries already, not to mention the fact that you can easily add/change the configuration anyway!

  3. Naser Wahby Says:

    Thanks for this great websit, i am just a begun with php ,and i have a question , i have a link how i can klick one item and the begin another page with more detail.
    thanks again


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