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Modafinil: Go 40 Hours Without Sleep — and See Into the Future

Posted on 14 July 2002 by Demian Turner

from Washington Post
Grubb’s Pharmacy is an unassuming if not seedy two-story clapboard landmark amid the grand brick townhouses of East Capitol Street. Not only is it one of the busiest pharmacies in the District. But being only four blocks from the Capitol, it is also the neighborhood provider of potions and portents to congressmen, lobbyists, super-lawyers, Supreme Court justices, ambitious aides and all those other classic Type A Washingtonians who think that whatever they’re working on is The Most Important Thing in the World. And of course sometimes they may be right.

Yet Grubb’s is filling only about five prescriptions a month for a drug named modafinil. “It’s nothing like Viagra. That was a national explosion,” says Edward F. Dillon, the pharmacist. “Or a drug like Propecia, for hair loss. Or Prozac. Let me tell you. When Time magazine put that on the cover, you could definitely see the spike.”

This may be the calm before the storm, however. For modafinil may have the power to change Washington.

What it does is shut off your urge to sleep.

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