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From UML to PHP: Using an Open Source Class Library and Design Patterns to Implement Large-Scale Web Applications

Posted on 11 August 2002 by Demian Turner

The following article summarises a session that was recently given at the O’Reilly Open Source Convention.  Follow the link at the end of the article and try out the Plankton PHP framework.  I personally found it to be a little overkill for simple page layouts, something that I think could be achieved more effectively with one of the many templating systems available to PHP, ie Smarty.  Nevertheless some interesting classes in the framework, in particular the session management and data type classes.

When first making the transition to developing large-scale web applications with PHP, our company faced two challenges: how to make our PHP scripts more maintainable, and how to apply object-oriented design methodologies to web development with PHP.

The key to solving these issues was the development of an open source PHP class library. These classes encapsulate the functionality common to most web applications, such as HTML layout, database connectivity, and session management.

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