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Digital Camera Quality Overtakes SLRs

Posted on 05 October 2002 by Demian Turner

Not really PHP-related but interesting as a landmark 🙂
smartbit writes “Luminous Landscape writes in their Preliminary Field Report of the Canon 1Ds 11 Megapixel camera: ‘the 1Ds produces the best combination of resolution, colour accuracy and low noise that I’ve yet seen in a digital camera. What about a comparison with both 35mm film and medium format? I’m afraid that film has definitively lost the battle. The 1Ds’s full-frame 11MP CMOS sensor produces a 32MB file — as big as a typical scan. But this file is sharper and more noise free than any scan I have ever seen, including drum scans. There simply isn’t a contest any longer.’ Kodak’s Pro 14n list price is 00 lower and uses a similar CMOS sensor supplied by Fillfactory

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  1. applesonic Says:

    I knew this would happen soon (digiPhotos getting better than film). I am a Canon devotee myself (GL1) and have found that in addition to the sharpness you can attain, you can also go back and \’make\’ some thing look more filmLike if you want to/need to. Can\’t go the other way with film can you? The bottom line is that – just like digitial technologies did for audio – information is information and the most ideal way to represent that in the long run is by pure digits!!!

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