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Using XSLT templates with ease to transform raw XML data

Posted on 07 October 2002 by Demian Turner

Check out the following example in order to see how easy it is to use
XSLT to produce your target HTML from a remote or local XML file.

All that’s required is the following PHP class that will produce the XML
and then merge the result with an XSLT template. The example will
demonstate the advantages of using XSLT over other templating systems.

Note: In order to run this example you will need the XPAT library for PHP installed on your server.

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Larry Lessig: Cyberlaw Luminary Aims to Smash the Copyright Machine

Posted on 07 October 2002 by Demian Turner

Any of the Open Source/Free Software regulars of this site will find the following article a stimulating read: Larry Lessig, chief theorist and passionate speaker on Cyberlaw, about to debunk the copyright dinosaur.

The Great Liberator Lawrence Lessig helped mount the case against Microsoft. He wrote the book on creative rights in the digital age. Now the cyberlaw star is about to tell the Supreme Court to smash apart the copyright machine.

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UNIX/LINUX Productivity Tools on Windows

Posted on 06 October 2002 by Demian Turner

I’ve been hearing rumours for some time about a Windows app that lets you emulate *NIX file management on Windows without installing something massive like Cygwin or running VMware. The app in question is called MSYS and running it’s tiny executable (2509 kb) makes the following known and loved *NIX tools available to Windows developers:

  • bash
  • bzip2
  • diffutils
  • fileutils
  • findutils
  • gawk
  • gzip
  • m4
  • make
  • rxvt
  • sed
  • sh-utils
  • tar
  • texinfo
  • textutils
  • vim

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Digital Camera Quality Overtakes SLRs

Posted on 05 October 2002 by Demian Turner

Not really PHP-related but interesting as a landmark 🙂
smartbit writes “Luminous Landscape writes in their Preliminary Field Report of the Canon 1Ds 11 Megapixel camera: ‘the 1Ds produces the best combination of resolution, colour accuracy and low noise that I’ve yet seen in a digital camera. What about a comparison with both 35mm film and medium format? I’m afraid that film has definitively lost the battle. The 1Ds’s full-frame 11MP CMOS sensor produces a 32MB file — as big as a typical scan. But this file is sharper and more noise free than any scan I have ever seen, including drum scans. There simply isn’t a contest any longer.’ Kodak’s Pro 14n list price is 00 lower and uses a similar CMOS sensor supplied by Fillfactory

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World’s shortest SAMBA HowTo

Posted on 04 October 2002 by Demian Turner

Most Samba how-to articles start off with how to write a configuration file so that your linux box can export a disk or print share that could be read by a windows client on the same network. I think this is a big mistake. The first thing you should show someone is the simplest possible command that acutaly makes something interesting happen. The time to explain the smb.conf file is when the next most interesting, complex experiment requires it, not before. There are a few very interesting and useful commands you can type that don’t require that smb.conf even exists, let alone that the smbd and nmbd deamons are running

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Problems with Internet Explorer 6

Posted on 03 October 2002 by Demian Turner

About what seems like 8 months ago now I tried to install IE6 when it first came out on a laptop with Windows2000 as the operating system. Regardless of the endless spate of security warnings, my Messenger address book being opened up to the public, etc., I thought what the heck, if it’s faster than IE 5.5 I’ll give it a go. Well every thing seemed fine until I went to open windows Explorer – the microsoft equivalent of my window manager crashed, the desktop went blank, and although an automatic recovery kicked in, it became impossible to use Explorer from that moment on. Quite a handicap that is, not being able to access the files on your machine, and as I wasn’t prepared to revert to DOS I promptly uninstalled IE6, writing off the problem as a DLL conflict with some rogue program I must have installed.

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How many lines of code is your project?

Posted on 02 October 2002 by Demian Turner

If your PHP project is hosted on a *nix box and you have ssh/telnet access to your account, the following commandline will return the total number of lines of code that exist in the current path* (in this case, for all files with the php extension:

find . -name \"*.php\" | xargs cat | wc -l

* cd into the root directory of your project before executing this 😉

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