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Incremental Backups with PHP, rsync, ssh and cp

Posted on 21 December 2002 by Demian Turner

from Freshmeat, a good example of integrating PHP with command line

RIBS is an incremental backup system written in PHP which utilizes some common *nix programs (specifically rsync, ssh and cp). Incremental backups mean frequent backups can be done (i.e. hourly) with only around 2x the space of the full backup. Using rsync means that RIBS can act as both a backup script on a local machine, or as a script to backup several network hosts. It is designed to be highly configurable and highly informative to the system administrator. There is a high amount of error checking, and logging/email capabilities.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    The developer of this script, Jason Rust, is a very talented PHP programmer. I had the pleasure working with him for almost 2 years and he shows exceptional style and care when writing scripts. You can rest assure that this script will be worth your while to check out.

    p.s. This post was totally volentary and Jason will probably give me a hard time for recognizing him. Jason has also been heavily involved in working with Bram on the popular QuickForm class for PEAR.

  2. battisti Says:

    Hi man i was make a tool to automatic my releases source and i use php and rsync where i can find the source of this RIBS ?

  3. Demian Turner Says:

    hey battisti – do you see the words “click here” in the above article?

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