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BASH Programming – Introduction HOW-TO

Posted on 06 December 2002 by Demian Turner

Are you running scripts to automate your database backups? Your file system backups? If not this is a great article for those interested learning the basics of BASH programming, also referred to as shell scripting. The author Mike G Mikkey covers everything you will need to get up and running with your first scripts.

If you find yourself wondering what “-lt”, “-z” and “-n” mean, be patient, the explanation comes in section 11. Or for more detail check out this page in the advanced tutorial

Absolute beginers are not catered for, if you are in this camp remember your scripts have to be executable to work. After you have created your script in something like VI, save it and run
chmod 744

to achieve this. Please refer to the “Linux / Unix” section of this site for more info on how to use VI, setup cron jobs, setting permissions, etc.

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APIs, Design Patterns and Useful Objects

Posted on 03 December 2002 by Demian Turner

Thanks to Chuck Hagenbuch of Horde fame for these insightful tips. The paper includes some of the better descriptions you will find on design patterns and how they relate to PHP.

Chuck covers the Abstract Factory, Singleton and Observer patterns and gives examples of their usage in the Horde framework and PEAR.

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Getting Up and Running with the PEAR Web Installer

Posted on 01 December 2002 by Demian Turner

For anyone who’s using classes from the PEAR repository (and especially those who are not), the whole process of getting the latest classes and browsing the collection has now been simplified with the PEAR WebInstaller.  This article sets out to describe the installation process, mainly for readers who aren’t aware of the rich library of functionality available.


  • windows – The installation process will be described for  windows-based users, obviously Linux users have access to the same features and probably don’t need the tutorial 😉
  • PHP 4.2.3 – I’ve tried this with 4.1.2 and it didn’t work so I would recommend installing the latest version of PHP which can be downloaded from and is very easy to configure
  • a local webserver – I use apache but any webserver will do

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