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Google: Business Ethics Pays

Posted on 11 January 2003 by Demian Turner

from Wired

Google owes its swelling popularity to deft algorithms that quickly divine what’s useful on the Web. But there’s more to it than that. At Google, purity matters. Over the years, Brin and Page have resisted pressure to run banners, opting instead for haiku-like text ads and unintrusive sponsored links. They’ve taken a stand against pop-ups and pop-unders and refused ads from sites they consider to be overly negative. All the while, they’ve stubbornly kept the Google homepage concise and pristine.

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Posted on 06 January 2003 by Demian Turner

If you haven’t seen this yet it’s worth checking out 😉

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Choosing the Right CMS

Posted on 06 January 2003 by Demian Turner

Ever wonder when your going to get the time to install all those CMSs to figure out which one’s best for you?

Well now you don’t have to, the good folks over at have taken care of this for you. All the major CMSs are available online for tryout 😉

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Get Your FREE Issue of php|architect – Out Today!

Posted on 05 January 2003 by Demian Turner

This is the second issue of php|architect but the first available for free download as PDF. Congratulations to the team at who put this together, this is a very high quality production that will easily tempt many PHP developers into subscribing. Great news for the PHP community! Head on over and support them by subscribing now.

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Web Services Infrastructure

Posted on 03 January 2003 by Demian Turner

Quite a good whitepaper I thought on web services. Aside from a deluge of acronyms on the last few pages this document concludes that the “supremacy of web services over traditional application packages [is a] foregone conclusion.”

Also interesting is a description of the evolution of the internet over the last 10 years and its current status:

The Internet’s primary role is the delivery of function – of automated processes, made available as web services.

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PHP Popularity and Payment Gateways

Posted on 03 January 2003 by Demian Turner

PHP must be getting ridiculously popular, I just did a quick search on ‘OOP principles’ on Google and the first result that comes up is a Zend article on setting up an online payment system in – you guessed, PHP 😉 I hadn’t spotted this one when it came out but it seems a doddle to set with the help of PHP’s Payflow Pro extension.

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