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Indispensable Tools for Page Layout

Posted on 23 February 2003 by Demian Turner

There are some great free tools over at for all you coders moonlighting as page designers.  Of course it’s pretty much impossible to design a web app without getting embroiled in how deep to embed your tables, or overlap your divs, how to keep page weight down, how to keep track of the 35 js functions required on every page ;-).  PHP is only half the battle, and if you let your designer take care of things each page would be a screengrab from photoshop!

Webtool is an indispensable freeware app that, at a  click of a button, allows you to:

  • view the table/div structure of a webpage as a series of highlighted boxes
  • list all js scripts in a page
  • strip the page of all images, or right down to the bare text
  • reset the browser window size to all the default resolution sizes
  • view the document tree

Colorpic is another handy tool that functions in a similar way to tools found in Dreamweaver and Photoshop, with the advantage that it’s a 150kb exe that opens as quickly as notepad.  Colorpic allows you to isolate any pixel on the screen and grab hex/RBG values and save up to 8 of them as chips on a palette.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Dom Inspector .. cough cough .. Mozilla .. cough cough

    We\’ve seen this somewhere before, can someone tell me where? Oh right, MOZILLA!

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