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Homesite Tips

Posted on 03 February 2003 by Demian Turner

[Update: these links have recently become invalid, if anyone discovers the new location for this code please post it here – thanks]

Update II: match braces available here but with annoying registration which seems to be broken, I couldn’t get through it.

Any Homesite users out there? Check out the following page for some fantastic scripts that will do everything short of wash the dishes for you, a must for productivity keeners. Some examples:

  • lastmod.js – Runs in the background (after you have at least one non-blank file open) and inserts a comment in the first line of each file when it is opened: the user’s initials and a customizable date/time stamp
  • quoteallattributes.js – This script allows you to quote all HTML attributes in an entire file
  • editlinkedfile2.js – This script allows you to edit the file a link points to. Now improved to allow you to open linked script files and style sheets in HomeSite, as well as the option to open images in the associated editor
  • preview3.js – Lets you preview files in an external browser window of a given size
  • txtSort.js – This script will sort the current selection or the active document on a line-by-line basis
  • Spreadsheet_Import.js – This script will convert a tab-delimited text spreadsheet to a standard HTML table format
  • toggleborders.js – Toggles table borders on/off quickly (very useful for browsing with table borders activated)
  • removereturns.js  – Removes hard returns (useful for dealing with large blocks of text pasted from other applications)
  • bracematch2.vbs – This script will match braces. Put your cursor next to a brace (or highlight it) and press the button or keystroke. It will highlight the matching brace. This works for {}, (), [],
  • MSWord.bas (* much better than the standard fare) Opens Microsoft Word, prompts for a document, then converts it to HTML and copies it to HomeSite.

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PHPCon East 2003 heads to New York City

Posted on 02 February 2003 by Demian Turner


Last year we launched the eagerly attended PHPCon 2002, the first all-PHP technical conference in the US. If you’re interested in PHP, this conference is where you need to be.

PHPCon East 2003 attracts the top names in PHP development, giving you a great opportunity to network with peers, hear about the latest technology and trends in PHP, and learn tips and tricks from the gurus. PHPCon 2003 speakers include:

  • Rasmus Lerdorf, Keynote Speaker and Inventor of PHP
  • Michael Radwin, Yahoo, Inc.
  • Zak Greant,
  • Shane Caraveo, Active State, Inc.
  • Luke Welling and Laura Thompson, Tangent Technologies
  • George Schlossnagle, OmniTI
  • Dan Radigan, Macromedia
  • J. Scott Johnson, FuzzyBlog … And more!

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