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Top 10 PHP Sites

Posted on 28 April 2003 by Demian Turner

Thanks to Manuel Lemos over at for his compilation of Alexa data ranking the top PHP sites.  As there are about 10 000 PHP sites at large these days it’s qiute interesting to see which end being the ones that get traffic.

In the unlikely event that you haven’t heard about, you should definitely pop by for a visit.  Manuel has a collection of 1096 (and counting) PHP classes and a very active community of some 107 000 PHP developers.

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PEAR::Tree Tutorial

Posted on 27 April 2003 by Demian Turner

Thanks go out to Wolfram Kriesing for having put together the following tutorial for the excellent PEAR::Tree package.

For those of you who don’t know, PEAR::Tree is a package that provides methods to read and manipulate trees, which are stored in the DB or an XML file. The trees can be stored in the DB either as nested trees. Or as simple trees, which use parentId-like structure. Currently XML data can only be read from a file and accessed. The package offers a large number of methods to access and manipulate trees. For example methods like: getRoot, getChild[ren], getParent, getPath and many more.

To get up and running you will need to download the package from the PEAR site.  Here are the API docs to get you started.

UPDATE: there are a number of sites linking to this page, I’m afraid a link to the cited tutorial is no longer available as the original author removed it.

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View your headers in action: HTTP Live Headers

Posted on 25 April 2003 by Demian Turner

Thanks again to John from PHPeverywhere for having picked out a jewel.

Most developers, especially in the Open Source community, will already be using Mozilla or Netscape browsers.  And some of them will already know of the great plugins available, for example the Venkman Javascript debugger.

But did you know with the recent HTTP Live Headers plugins you can view your headers in a console with each page request?  An invaluable debugging aid for situations when

  • images cannot be force-downloaded
  • cookie problems
  • and, my favourite, when you get the “Warning: Page has Expired” message as a result of hitting the ‘back’ button

One of the best extensions to Mozilla is the Live HTTP Headers. This extension gives you the ability to view the HTTP headers that are passed between your browser and the web server. If you for example are trying to debug a cookie problem or a MIME header problem you can view all the details of the HTTP headers with this extension.

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PHP with Apache 2 Index Problems

Posted on 24 April 2003 by Demian Turner


I think I ran into an unadvertised feature of Apache 2.x yesterday trying to compile it with PHP 4.3.1 on Redhat 8.

The reason for this post, to save some poor soul the few hours that I lost down to what must be a bug in either PHP but more likely Apache.

First of all, if you want to compile in a typical set of modules for PHP, eg, GD, jpeg/png support, freetype2, zlib … forget it.  Even though all these libs are present on Redhat 8, same as RH 7.3, what works on the latter will not compile in RH 8.


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NYC Gets a Dose of PHP

Posted on 21 April 2003 by Demian Turner

San Francisco, CA – Last year\’s successful addition to the PHP
conference circuit heads to New York City this week with an expanded
program that includes a third day of tutorials and several new and
returning PHP gurus. PHPCon East 2003, the first of two regional,
PHP-centric shows scheduled in 2003, runs April 23 to 25, 2003 at the
Park Central Hotel in New York City, NY.

\"PHPCon\’s aim is deceptively simple,\" said Bryan Richard, PHPCon
Conference Director, \"bring people together and discuss PHP. We have a
very PHP-savvy audience who lets us know immediately if something isn\’t
up to spec. There\’s a lot of energy and excitement in this community and
we work very hard to make sure PHPCon\’s program hosts outstanding
sessions and encourages active participation from attendees.\"

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Subselects in MySQL 4.1

Posted on 19 April 2003 by Demian Turner

On April 9th MySQL AB announced the alpha release of version 4.1 of the leading open source database.

Some new features include:

  • Subqueries:
    SELECT * FROM t1 WHERE t1.a=(SELECT t2.b FROM t2);

    SELECT * FROM t1 WHERE (1,2,3) IN (SELECT a,b,c FROM t2);

  • Derived tables:
    SELECT t1.a FROM t1, (SELECT * FROM t2) t3 WHERE t1.a=t3.a;
  • support for defining the character set for any column, table, and database
  • extensive Unicode support
  • support for OpenGIS (geographical) data

If you’re not ready to brave the alpha, check out 4.0 which is now production, at last UNION !:

  • Features to simplify migration from other databases to MySQL, such as the “Truncate Table,” “Union” and “Cast” SQL syntax additions
  • The transactional engine, InnoDB, in the standard 4.0 binaries, adding transactions, row-level locking, and foreign key integrity
  • A query cache, offering increased performance for many applications with repetitive queries
  • Full-text indexing, searching on packed indexes, bulk inserts and other new optimizations for faster query execution

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Eye-watering Regular Expressions

Posted on 16 April 2003 by Demian Turner


🙂  Yes that is a regular expression.  I’ve put this up just to cheer myself up really, after a particularly long week of hunting down bugs.  The moral of the story: things could be worse!

And if you interested in a recipe book-like site with 258 regular expressions catalogued for your convenience, read on.

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HOWTO: PEAR, a list of tutorials

Posted on 12 April 2003 by Demian Turner

2005-03-10: Added XML_sql2xml, HTML_Form and DB_NestedSet (Will Killian)
2005-03-07: added Config tutorial
2005-02-26: added Text_CAPTCHA tutorial
2005-02-24: added XML_Statistics tutorial
2005-02-09: added 2 new Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer tutorials
2005-01-23: added new HTML_Template_Flexy plugin tut
2005-01-03: added 2 new HTML_Quickform tuts
2004-11-16: added Image_Graph tutorial (thanks Andy Crain)
2004-10-17: added LiveUser tutorial (thanks Werner M. Krauss)
2004-09-21: added new PHPdocumentor tutorial

As the PEAR community is growing there’s increasing demand for documentation and tutorials. As it happens, there’s already some great tutorials out there, here’s what I’ve come across so far.

PEAR Tutorials

If you know of any others, please let me know in the comments.

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Why So Quiet?

Posted on 11 April 2003 by Demian Turner

Sorry if PHPkitchen’s been boring lately, things have been quite busy on a current project. If all goes well it should result in a (yet another @”&*%£) framework, hopefully to make a programmer’s job a bit easier 😉

Here’s how things are starting to shape up:

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Need More Bandwidth?

Posted on 07 April 2003 by Demian Turner

How does 400 GB/month transfer sound?  You can get that, and thrown in for good measure:

  • 60 GB disk
  • 512 RAM
  • 1.3 GHz processor

for USD$ 99/month. 

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