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Performance: When More is Less

Posted on 12 May 2003 by Demian Turner

Thanks to John for having picked up quite an interesting dicussion on Sitepointforums contrasting various performance gains possible (in this case, in a code library) as a result of certain design decisions.

How can a larger code base lead to faster development, how can longer, more complex algorithms be faster? Here follow a few quotes from the discussion which stretches 61 pages cut & pasted into a word processor (almost 17k words) if you don’t have the time to read it all 😉

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PHP Conference 2003 Starts Tomorrow

Posted on 07 May 2003 by Demian Turner

Am off to the International PHP Conference 2003 – Spring Edition, looks set to be very interesting.  There’s a 6 page ad covering it in PHP Magazine, by far the best PHP publication I’ve come across yet, a real tantaliser. 

I hope to bring back some interesting insights, in the meanwhile please bear with the lull in new content.  Of course there’s nothing to stop anyone contributing stories themselves 😉

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PHP and PEAR: Coming of age

Posted on 05 May 2003 by Demian Turner

A fine article by Harry Fuecks over at phpPatterns(). Harry goes into detail on a number of PEAR packages including: 

  • PHP Mole, the PHP-GTK based IDE
  • phpDocumentor, how to create self-documenting code
  • PHPUnit, unit testing for PHP
  • Quickform, a remarkable form package that can turn a nightmare form project into a breeze
  • Net_FTP
  • Cache, a full-featured, script-level caching solution
  • XML_Tree
  • the PEAR SOAP package
  • and more

Notably missing, in my opinion, is DB_Dataobect, which I hope to publish a tutorial on shortly, however you can visit the excellent, recently revamped docs here. Without exaggeration I can honestly say this package saved me about 70% of the development time on a project involving 15-20 large entities, some 50-75 properties each.  With DB_Dataojbect the state management is reduced to a few lines of code.

“PHP5 and PEAR could well make PHP unquestionably the #1 solution for building web sites.”

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Freeloading on the Neighbour’s Wireless LAN

Posted on 02 May 2003 by Demian Turner

Sadly an unlikely scenario in Madrid, at least for the next few years.

“So, I’m sitting in my new pad without internet connectivity (boo!!!) and it hits me….why not boot up my laptop with the wireless card.  Who knows, maybe my new neighbors have a wireless LAN?  Sure enough, they do.  Even better, they left all the default configs!  FREE internet connectivity for me!”

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Top 10 PHP Sites script available for download

Posted on 01 May 2003 by Demian Turner

The Top 10 PHP Sites script is now available for download.  It works ‘out of the box’ for users of the Geeklog web portal system and with minor adjustments for any PHP site.

Users of the script are encouraged to sign up as partners at and gain credit for referrals however this is not mandatory.

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