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PHPseagull 0.2.0-beta Released

Posted on 25 June 2003 by Demian Turner

I was thinking of titling this, “PHPseagull teams up with Naughty Bunny” to spark readers’ interests …

Quite a few changes have gone into this release, hence the 0.2.  Users of previous versions are encouraged to upgrade for new features:

20-06-03    Fixed incorrect instant message reply redirect
20-06-03    Fixed some errors for Linux client users: case sensitivity for script names, mime type variants

25-06-03    Added ability for registered users to contribute articles which then prompt the admin user to edit/approve/publish
24-06-03    Added Util class where regex, datatype transforms will go
24-06-03    Big api cleanup, all manager classes now inherit from Manager (which used to be Page) and override standard add, insert, edit, update, delete, view methods
24-06-03    Added ability to view author profiles and save authors to ‘My Contacts’
24-06-03    Moved common vars into Base class for global access, including currentUid, currentUserType, LOCALEd nowDateTime, webRoot
24-06-03    Added optional Flesch readability score for articles
24-06-03    Added Instant Messenger to admin
24-06-03    Clicking on login name shows profile
20-06-03    Optional email confirmation sent out after registration
20-06-03    Login auditing with IP added for security
20-06-03    Added ‘My Account’ functionality
20-06-03    Made crlf OS dependent
20-06-03    Added config param to allow US date formatting, ie, MM.DD.YYYY
20-06-03    Updated PEAR classes Validate, Text
18-06-03    Created shell script to automate framework setup
16-06-03    App headers unified and cleaned up (in Process)
16-06-03    Output buffering added for performance improvement, easier header management

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