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Fuzzy Cognitive Maps

Posted on 19 August 2003 by Demian Turner

A chap called Guillermo Ochoa de Aspuru has dedicated a section of his site to fuzzy cognitive maps and has implemented a few examples in Java.  He recounts how he was introduced to the idea reading a book called Fuzzy Thinking by Bart Kosko (Flamingo, 1994), who is

very enthusiastic about the future of fuzzy cognitive maps and how they can be used to analyse systems that are otherwise difficult to comprehend due to the complex relationships between their components.

de Aspuru also has a section on fuzzy map tutorials which offer quite an interesting insight into using software to study real-world problems represented by relationships between competing systems.  He uses fuzzy maps to model such natural systems as:

  • grazing fields
  • prey and predator
  • wildlife reserve
  • economic offer and demand
  • bad weather driving
  • the middle east

UPDATE: Unfortunately it seems de Aspuru has removed the above-mentioned information, check the way-back machine.

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  1. olufade Says:

    i need a tool that can guide in the development/drawing and inferencing with FCM

  2. John Taylor Says:

    I am attempting to model the US economy via de Aspuru’s model. I have implemented some alternatives, such as a spreadsheet version. I also have developed versions with more outputs which can be copied to text files and plotted.

    Let’s correspond.

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