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Have More Fun Designing Schemas with DBDesigner 4

Posted on 22 November 2003 by Demian Turner

If ever there was a before and after moment in developing with MySQL, for me at least it’s been since my boss pointed out DBDesigner, what a package.

This open source database design tool from Fabforce has it all, including a lot of the features that it’s more expensive competitors don’t offer, just check out the screenshots.  Here’s a summary of features:

  • Available on Linux / MS Windows
  • User Interfaced based on industry standard layouting software
    • Canvas navigation similar to Adobe Illustrator® and Photoshop®
    • Palettes (docked / floating) including “Bird Eyes view”
    • Available objects include tables, realtions, labels, regions, images
    • Extensive Drag’n’drop support
    • Extensive Popup-Menu support
    • Advanced Editors
    • UNLIMITED Undo-/Redo- functions
    • Copy-/Cut-/Paste clipboard functions (XML, DDL)
    • Align functions
  • Design Mode / Query Mode
  • Reverse engineering MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL and any ODBC databases
  • Userdefined schema-generation
  • Model-To-Database syncronisation
  • Index support
  • Automatic foreign key placement
  • Weak entity support
  • Standard Inserts storing and sync
  • Full documentation capabilities
  • Advanced model printing
  • Output as image
  • All MySQL datatypes with all options
  • User defined datatypes
  • Database storage, ability to save model within database
  • Network-/Multiuser access through database storage
  • Version control*
  • SQL Query Builder
  • SQL Command History
  • SQL Command storage within model
  • Plugin interface
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  1. aemadrid Says:

    Great tool! Here at work is the only thing we use. And it\’s open source, baby!

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