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PHP 5: Free Hosting at Dotgeek

Posted on 21 March 2004 by Demian Turner

Dotgeek is glad to announce the new site and a new interesing offer: PHP5 totally free hosting, no banners, no catch. This offer is reserved to PHP developers at all levels. On the site you will also find some further information on the Second PHP Marathon. Sponsored by Zend.

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  1. Giang Says:

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  2. Suasan O'Brian Says:

    Account requests have been disabled at this time. They may be opened again at a later date.”
    Whata hell does that mean?

  3. rashid Says:

    Can someone help me for get an Authorisation Key?

  4. leon Says:

    Hi all. I`m being want one hosting php5 for my stydying.

  5. MacCode Says:

    Authorisation Key to me also 🙁

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