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Seagull 0.3.7 stable Released

Posted on 30 April 2004 by Demian Turner

Actually it was released a few days ago, and a small swarm of bugs were reported and summarily squashed so a patch level 1 release is available.

What’s interesting about this release – it’s a reasonably stable version of all the features we’ve been working on for the last few months:

  • a clean approach to content mgnt with article and document management a classification tools
  • a robust framework for managing users, groups and preferences
  • substantial speed improvements
  • a reliable translation tool and a full italian translation
  • a simple and flexible set of base classes that take care of all your application tasks
    • authentication
    • logging
    • error handling
    • sessions
    • i18n
    • configuration
    • preferences
    • workflow
    • templating

The wiki has taken some good strides, see the updated version of the code examples page and the new data access summary – this is the best way to help you decide if the code could make your job easier/more efficient.

All feedback welcome, join the list, we’re up to 52 members,  according to MARC we’ve done twice as much traffic this month as last.

You may also find interesting, there’s some really good cms/framework comparison tools to be found and best of all, a good overview of what a full-featured framework should offer.

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Posted on 30 April 2004 by Demian Turner

Thanks for the following anonymous submission of a new PHP framework, can future contributors please register with the site so readers can contact them if necessary.



CVPFrameWork is a complete framework solution for PHP developers. It’s based on object modeling in PHP5. It includes:

– Set of Native Objets like String, Integer, Vector…
– Complete exception handler system
– Connection to remote sockets and creation of INET and UNIX sockets
– Easy email sending system
– Streams (only for sockets management actually)

And it will include:
– Database abstraction
– Easy logging system
– XML-RPC implementation to create servers and clients
– Testers for all classes to guarantee class correct working
– PHP error handling
– Easy to configure: just a simple file

It can be downloaded at

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Migration from ASP to PHP

Posted on 29 April 2004 by Demian Turner

Here are some links to give you a decent overview of converting ASP to PHP.  I think there are still some ASP programmers out there who are afraid to take the plunge so hopefully this will make it easier:

You’d be suprised how easy it is to convert from the former to the latter, mainly because PHP is a much richer language with a function for just about everything you need that you’d have to write by hand as an ASP coder.

There are the obvious tools like ASP2PHP, and quite a few similar projects, but it’s most likely quicker to do the job by hand.

Last year I went out to Latvia for just such a project, there were hundreds of these ASP pages in what was a huge web app, all procedural of course, my favourite, but we managed to squeeze quite a decent PHP project out of it in the end.

More helpful than any tutorial or autotranslating tool was just a simple VBscript api doc, which is easy to get once you have the right search term.

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Software Patents

Posted on 28 April 2004 by Demian Turner

Via, a visual message: 

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Comparing PHP Editors

Posted on 21 April 2004 by Demian Turner

Via Damien, a great summary of how the various PHP editors stand up against eachother in terms of features.  It’s handy because it’s not opinionated, just a chart comparing the main features of PHP editors.

Oh yeah, it’s in French, not google-translatable either, but I think you can guess what most things mean – follow the green line 🙂

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PHPlondon is Born

Posted on 19 April 2004 by Demian Turner

If you’re a PHP developer living in or around the London, UK area please check out the new site.  The project started out from folks getting together through the group and is now developing into its own presence. 

Some good chaps involved in this project, check out the wiki and perhaps propose your project for discussion at the next meeting.

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PEAR weekly summary revived

Posted on 19 April 2004 by Demian Turner

Lately things have been so busy at work there’s not been enough time to keep up with the PEAR lists.  Fortunately, this shortcoming has coincided with the PEAR weekly summary being revived

Check out this week’s summary – some great packages coming out.

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The PHP Anthology at Sitepoint

Posted on 13 April 2004 by Demian Turner

Harry Fuecks covers a very complete set of PHP resources over at Sitepoint if you haven’t discovered it yet.  Some topics covered include:

  • From Volume I: Foundations:
    • Chapter 1: PHP Basic
    • Chapter 2: Object Oriented PH
    • Chapter 3: PHP and MySQL
  • From Volume II: Applications
    • Chapter 1: Access Control

This informative collection is also available as a couple of books with several sample chapters available for download.

On a similar subject, I bumped into this page of advanced php resources also compiled by Harry at Sitepoint, something to extend your already long reading list.

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Seagull 0.3.7-beta3 Released

Posted on 12 April 2004 by Demian Turner

Well, it looks like we’re going through a longish beta cycle on the 0.3.7 release of Seagull.  We’re now at beta3 and expect the next release to be stable.  There’s a feature freeze on finally, so new functionality you can enjoy:

  • a tool to regenerate DataObject entity files (Gerry Lachac)
  • cache manager (Demian Turner)
  • a number of outstanding bugs squashed
  • nestedSet issues resolved (Andy Crain, Pierpaolo Toniolo)
  • db schema cleaned up (Radek Maciaszek)
  • updated install script for root users (Demian Turner)
  • improved approach to creating content with articles (Demian Turner)

The Italian translation is the most up to date, perhaps you might be inspired to use Seagull’s translation manager to help us move forward with the rest of the translations? 

Download the latest beta and let us know any bugs you find.  Don’t forget to check out the wiki, lots of info being added including additions to the code examples.

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Viable Business Models with Open Source Software

Posted on 09 April 2004 by Demian Turner

Via, Marten Mickos, CEO MySQL AB, discusses the advantages of choosing Open Source software as your business platform:

At the time, I wondered how far open source could go and in that posting I identified three criteria for success with open source:
• the user community must be vast
• the product scope must be well defined
• a viable business model must exist.


That’s the nice thing about capitalism. It has a built-in Darwinian efficiency. If open source allows companies to deliver better products at a cheaper price, then it will be used to do just that. We see many of the most competitive companies in the world, like Amazon, Charles Schwab, Cisco, Corporate Express, FedEx, GE, Merrill Lynch, Motorola, Nokia, Sabre, SAP, and UPS using open source software as a platform for building new applications.

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