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Posted on 30 April 2004 by Demian Turner

Thanks for the following anonymous submission of a new PHP framework, can future contributors please register with the site so readers can contact them if necessary.



CVPFrameWork is a complete framework solution for PHP developers. It’s based on object modeling in PHP5. It includes:

– Set of Native Objets like String, Integer, Vector…
– Complete exception handler system
– Connection to remote sockets and creation of INET and UNIX sockets
– Easy email sending system
– Streams (only for sockets management actually)

And it will include:
– Database abstraction
– Easy logging system
– XML-RPC implementation to create servers and clients
– Testers for all classes to guarantee class correct working
– PHP error handling
– Easy to configure: just a simple file

It can be downloaded at

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  1. barrel Says:


    Pro: well documented utility classes
    Con: nothing new under the sun. Some classes which
    might be usefull, along with the same amount of
    exception classes. What makes this a framework?

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