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MySQL and stored procedures

Posted on 09 April 2004 by Demian Turner

Via Damien who always seems to get the news first, a small introductory article from on what we can expect from stored procedures in MySQL 5.

I can’t wait until this release becomes mainstream 🙂 I hear many naysayers on the subject of stored procedures with PHP but this article does a good job of explaining the advantages, given that you’re not writing a guestbook or something.

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Someone send Lucifer some mittens

Posted on 06 April 2004 by Demian Turner

Via Slashdot, a story that’s sure to get a lot of coverage, and already has a kilometer of comments, some more interesting than other:

Microsoft Releases a Project on Sourceforge

nberardi writes “On Monday, April 5, 2004, as part of the Shared Source Initiative, Microsoft released the source code for the Windows Installer XML (WiX) developer tool to SourceForge under the IBM Common Public License or CPL. The WiX project is the first Shared Source Initiative to go “public” on Source Forge rather than a Microsoft site. It is also the first to use an externally created Open Source license. Microsoft supports the idea that a software developer should be free to choose how they license their work and for the goals of WiX, the CPL was the right fit. Is this another ploy from Microsoft to not look like the bad guy, or do you think they are embracing on the Open Source movement?” Slashdot and SourceForge are both part of OSDN.

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Roundup of Data Modellers

Posted on 05 April 2004 by Demian Turner

Many thanks to Radek Maciaszek who put together this roundup of data modelling tools:

 + cross platform
 + reverse engineering
 + support postgresql by odbc

zeos database designer:
 + should be cross platform
 – doesn’t work on my system (crashes on startup)
Maybe it will work on yours?

 ± commercial but with freeware version
 ± needs eclipse
 + reverse enginering
 + work with mysql and pgsql and with any jdbc sql’92 compatible db

  + written in java (platform independent)
  + full source code available
  + reverse/forward engineering
  + mysql/postgresql/mssql/oracle
  – ugly

  + java (platform independent)
  ± commercial but with freeware version
  + reverse engineering
  – problems with references 

  – needs tomcat
  + should work with mysql and postgresql

Abeille Personal Edition
  ± commercial but with freeware version

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ASP.NET in PHP is possible

Posted on 04 April 2004 by Demian Turner

Check out K-Edge, a new PHP framework that simulates ASP.NET, this site has basic info on the software and several examples. There is also a discussion going on at

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Form Handling Simplified

Posted on 03 April 2004 by Demian Turner

My apologies to Chris but if you’re still using ‘glorious’ code like this (see the add function) to solve the form problem, you’re jumping through hoops you don’t have too. 

While the easyform example has a great look & feel, clean XHTML layout and makes good use of fieldsets, some developers may find the PHP code that drives it difficult to maintain.  An OO approach like the one used in Seagull makes things a lot easier:

  • PHP and HTML are kept in separate layers like most OO projects
  • the Request object takes responsibility for all request cleanup
    • whitespace stripping
    • javascript removal
    • offsetting the effects of magic_quotes
    • removal of html if required
  • the validate methods implemented by all manager classes enforce strict variable assignment, so only the vars you specify from GET/POST/COOKIE are assigned to the input object
  • any number of validation tests you specify, from non-empty value checking to regex testing, must be passed before the input object is considered valid
  • all form variable persistence is taken care of by the validate/process/display workflow: all input that fails at least one validation test is sent straight to output, bypassing the process method where all data manipulation is carried out, effectively repopulating the form with all the user’s values, including preselecting combobox elements, ticking checkboxes, radios, etc
  • context sensitive error messages are fed back to the user

See some of the code examples for a brief overview, try the demo (Register is a good example) or download the latest version of Seagull and try it out.

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Oracle Recommends PHP over ASP.NET

Posted on 01 April 2004 by Demian Turner

I know it’s not in Oracle’s interest to recommend anything to do with Microsoft, but this recent article all-out advocates PHP as the better choice of the two technologies.  The article compares the price, speed & efficiency, security, cross-platform applicability and open source opportunity of both platforms. 

The main criticism against PHP was its weaker object model, which as we all know has been addressed in v.5.  The review of ASP.NET, in fairness, I thought was a bit superficial, it used a VB.NET example instead of C#, and didn’t acknowledge the platform’s obvious strengths such as its class library and ‘framework’ features like form controls, datagrids, xml/web service integration, etc.

Nevertheless an interesting article.

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