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Synch your PC with an NTP Server

Posted on 25 May 2004 by Demian Turner

If you’re running on Linux there are many easy ways to synch your PC with an NTP server, guaranteeing that your local machine’s clock is running the identical time to any servers where your apps are deployed.  On windows, however, this is not so easily achieved, and since there are a huge amount of people developing PHP solutions on windows machines while deploying them on Linux, this seemed like a worthwhile tip to post.

Any large scale app will inevitably run a number of cronjobs whether you’re synchronising data, updating feeds, syndicating content etc.  And in order to debug the jobs, it certainly is easier if you know exactly the second they’re going to fire off.  Well short of issuing lots of ‘date’ commands, using this useful app will synch the clock of your windows development box against the NTP server you’re using for your live machine.  What a relief to watch the second hand approach 12 o’clock.

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