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phpinfo() does not show correct configure params

Posted on 05 September 2004 by Demian Turner

Thanks to Ben Ramsey who’s figured this out, has been driving me crazy for a while.

A while back I mentioned a problem I had with seeing the changes made to PHP after running a make and make install. I couldn’t see the new build date or the changes in phpinfo(), nor could I see the new build date with php -v. I was perplexed and frustrated.

Amazingly, after I rebooted my computer, the changes took effect. This was stupendously odd. I shouldn’t have had to reboot.

Yesterday and today I struggled with the same issue on two different machines. A reboot didn’t help, and advice given me in the comments of my previous post didn’t work, either. Finally, on a whim, I tried a make clean before running make; it worked!

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