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Seagull 0.3.10 Released

Posted on 13 September 2004 by Demian Turner

Seagull 0.3.10 is out at last, a lot of new features have gone into this release:

  • a web-based installer has been added thanks to Gerry Lachac
  • Seagull is now PHP5 compatible
  • a PEAR installable version is available weighing in at half the size of the full package
  • upgraded to the latest htmlArea 3, wysiwyg editing now works fine in Mozilla and on Linux
  • vertical, left-hand navigation added with 2 new stylesheets
  • new Spanish translation (Mario Izquierdo)
  • improved admin integration: easier to reset password, and now the admin user sees the same pages as public/member users with the addition of ‘Config’ and ‘Modules’ tabs
  • big round of CSS fixes (Riccardo Magliocchetti)
  • improvement to translation mgr, you can now check all modules at once to see which require updates (Werner M. Krauss)
  • character map functionality added via htmlArea plugin
  • improved db singleton method so you can connect to x number of DBs and have the connection cached for each one
  • pagination improved and Pager now fully replaces DB_Pager (Lorenzo Alberton)
  • plus quite a few more, see the changelog for full detals

There is also a new tutorial in the wiki that’s aimed at first time users/beginners which shows you how to create your own site with Seagull in 5 minutes.

Additional work has gone into the usual mountain of bugfixes and usability improvements, and also a front-controller (search engine friendly URLs) has been implemented but disabled by default.  This will become standard in the next release and will be indicated by a new minor version number increase signifying the BC break.

Additional changes slotted for the next release are:

  • core framework to be separated from optional modules
  • module manager enhancement with the ability load and upgrade modules via PEAR’s XML-RPC mechanism
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