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HOWTO: working with PEAR

Posted on 19 April 2005 by Demian Turner


I’m posting this to clear up how to find the PEAR path on most servers, and then at the end are instructions how to use PEAR in your PHP programs.

Editors note: this article is for beginner to intermediate level users, and I think will be useful to many as reported problems installing PEAR are still widespread in the forums, etc. – Demian

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    you should add the current include_path when you modify it:

    ini_set(‘include_path’, “PASTE THE TEXT YOU DISCOVERED FROM PART 1 HERE” . ini_get(“include_path”));

  2. wester Says:

    How to install Pear using window.
    I have PHP 4.3.4 and IIS5.0

  3. chris Says:

    What is this site?
    I see lots of links but this very intriguing article which is just what I’m looking for isn’t here?
    Is there some link to it? Are you sharing or selling?
    If you’ve decided to remove the article(s), then why keep the page?

  4. Demian Turner Says:

    Hi Chris

    There are a few articles which are out of date. Main those 3-4 years or older. This article is 2005 as you can see. Most of what I post is relevant within a reasonable timeframe (1 year) but I can’t maintain >700 articles to keep them up to date.

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