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Open Source CMSs Up To Scratch?

Posted on 26 April 2005 by Demian Turner

Via Lukas who’s discussing the release of his company’s framework, an interesting appraisal by the guys at Adaptive Path that asks the question, are Open Source CMSs up to scratch?  The following points are raised:

  • Make it easy to install
  • Make it easy to get started
  • Write task-based documentation first
  • Separate CMS administration from the editing and management of content
  • Users of a public Web site should never, never, be presented with a way to log in to the CMS
  • Stop it with the jargon already
  • Why do you insist Web sites have “columns”?

Some good points for CMS authors, including this one, to take on board.

The last system I evaluated had something called “mambots” which, to me, sounded like robotic assistance for breast-feeding.

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