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Seagull 0.4.1 Released

Posted on 01 June 2005 by Demian Turner

After more than a month in development, a new Seagull release is out. It is recommended you upgrade, a lot of annoying bugs have been fixed, not to mention a few new features added:

  • FCK editor now replaces the discontinued htmlArea: it’s better, faster and smaller, with good image upload functionality
  • blocks are working better
  • navigation is easier to create
  • the instant messaging module had an overhaul (Louay Gammo)
  • the newsletter module is greatly improved (Rares Benea, AJ Tarachanowicz)
  • an SGL_Locale object has been added, this integrates the extensive functionality provided by PEAR’s I18Nv2 (Jacob Singh)
  • functionality to import users from CSV file added
  • lots of html/css cleanup (Riccardo Magliocchetti)
  • homepages (index.php) can now be set to any type of framework content
  • the module generator has more functionality (Werner M. Krauss)

There are also some exciting things in CVS that will make their way into the next release (or perhaps the one after)

  • a very functional shopping cart solution (Rares Benea)
  • integration with PEAR’s Translation2 package for full internationlisation support, including GUI, content, and navigation (AJ Tarachanowicz)
  • XML/RPC web service integration – drag and drop authenticated services to be exposed by your Seagull installation
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  1. TK Says:

    Seagull rocks!

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