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Phone pests

Posted on 10 November 2005 by Demian Turner

An interesting conversation with a chap with a heavy Texan accent:

[caller] uuuuuh duhmon, duhman, duhmane … – what’s you name?
[me] my name is Demian
[caller] hi Duhmane – Ah’m calling you from Texas!
… silence
[me] ok, it this regarding a job?
[caller] yeah – you on Skype?
[me] well I’d have to reboot into windows ..
[caller] well Ah don’t want to waste money ya see, but aneeways, would you be interested in some P Haytch P work in a LAMP environment doing customization of OScommerce?
… visions of horror drift back from my last run in with OScommerce 2+ years ago
[me] um, not really
[caller] ok <click>

You have to think of the "ok <click>" as 3 syllables of the same word, no hesitation whatsoever before putting the receiver down. Just in case there are some lucky recipients of the same call out there 😉

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  1. EVL-MNKY Says:

    I live in Texas (not *from* Texas), but it wasn’t me! Honest!
    …but I think I recognize the voice…

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