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Getting Zend Debugger Working on a Macbook Pro

Posted on 28 August 2006 by Demian Turner

Okay, there is some considerable hacking involved to get this working, and the solution is only a workaround until "sometime before the end of 2006", which was quoted to me by Zend as the time they expect to get the Zend debugger working for the mactel platform. No rush there guys.

Here’s the steps I took:

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Personality Traits of the Best Software Developers

Posted on 23 August 2006 by Demian Turner

Of all the social stuff going on on the web these days, I find
to be one of the consistently most exciting. They’re always coming up
with great new ideas (although they could use a few more servers) and
the your network feature frequently turns up interesting stuff.

Personality Traits of the Best Software Developers is a recent find, well worth a read. It’s in the vein of something you’d expect to find on John Lim or Joel Spolsky‘s sites, but there are a few new tasty angles.

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Seagull 0.6.0 Released

Posted on 23 August 2006 by Demian Turner

After 3 release candidates stable version 0.6.0 of the Seagull framework was released last week, download it here.
Blame it on the heat wave this summer in the UK, we broke our "1
release per month" mantra for the first time in 3 years, but I think
the results were worth waiting for.

There are various formats of the release available:

  • the minimal, weighing in at 2MB – just the framework and core modules
  • developer at 3.4MB – includes 14 modules, the unit and web test runner, documentation, all libs, examples

A pearball will shortly be released in which the PEAR libs are
obviously not bundled, and if you exclude the somewhat weighty tinyFCK
libs, this version of Seagull will go out at 504kb, addressing some
complaints that have been voiced about package size 😉

Aside from the improved stability and bugfixes you’d expect in an even-numbered release, some notable new framework features in 0.6.0 are:

  • automated module installation for admin users, and improvements to the module generator wizard
  • module config files now have a GUI interface for editing (Julien Casanova)
  • additional
    checks in the installer for open_basedir restriction, allow_url_fopen
    problem in XML_Parser handled, and additional authentication checks
    (Steven Stremciuc)
  • improved wizard functionality based on PEAR’s HTML_QuickForm_Controller (Malaney J. Hill)
  • SQL parsing improved, more unit tests added (Randy Casburn)
  • nice CAPTCHA component (Steven Stremciuc)

On the CMS side of things, module improvements include:

  • a new default theme by Julien Casanova, and a contributed theme by Neil Mather
  • RSS blocks are now configurable (Werner Krauss)
  • admin screens added for FAQ, Guestbook, Newsletter modules (Matt Flaherty, Rares Benea)
  • Upgraded TinyFck to 0.12 (Elijah Insua)
  • updates in many of the translations

In community news quite a bit has been happening too:

And forgive me for leaving the trendiest thing for last, there’s a
bunch of new AJAX modules that are near completion, these will be
announced shortly.

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