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Browse a Linux Filesystem in the Finder

Posted on 29 March 2007 by Demian Turner

Thanks to Gina Trapani for this hot tip – you can now do on your Mac what is very easy to do on Linux, mount a remote filesystem and browse files in the Finder as you could in Nautilus.

This is thanks to software developed by Google, read the article for setup instructions.

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Basecamp Bookmarklet: Hours Logged Today

Posted on 27 March 2007 by Demian Turner

Basecamp is a great time-tracking and project management tool, but can be quite frustrating when it comes to the inflexibility of its reporting options. On any given day I log time to 3-5 projects but find it easy to lose track of the running total. This bookmarklet provides in one click what Basecamp gives you after 8, your hours logged so far today:

javascript:var oDate=new Date();var y=oDate.getFullYear();var m=oDate.getMonth()+1;
if (m < 10) m = '0'+m;var d=oDate.getDate();if (d < 10) d = '0'+d;
var myDate=y+''+m+''+d;location=%22

Obviously fill in your project_name and replace 1234567 with your user ID.

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Damn I love Prototype

Posted on 26 March 2007 by Demian Turner

Chatting with Thomas on IM:

damn i love prototype,
link.key = $A(link.getAttribute(‘href’).replace(window.location.href,”).split(‘/’)).last().replace(/#/,”);

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