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Senior PHP dev required in London, UK

Posted on 30 April 2007 by Demian Turner

Recently I joined forces with Gareth Knight and Drew Preston, two chaps well-seasoned in London’s technology and web 2.0 circles. Things have developed rather quickly and after just 2 months we’ve moved into our first offices overlooking the Thames at Putney Bridge.

Work has been coming in thick and fast, and even with our rapid dev platform we can barely keep up with demand. So if you are an ambitious, talented, enthusiastic and motivated PHP Developer, please read on.

You will have:

  1. 3+ years PHP experience with an excellent knowledge of object oriented PHP 4/5, MYSQL 4/5, and a good understanding of CSS, xHTML, AJAX and JavaScript.
  2. Apache and MYSQL administration experience would be ideal but not essential, as would experience with the Seagull framework.
  3. Exposure to Open source technologies/frameworks/libraries eg PEAR, prototype, scriptaculous is essential. As is having worked with popular web services (using SOAP, XML etc).
  4. Experience writing/working with CMS, E-commerce systems is beneficial.
  5. You must be able to manage a development environment, be able to accurately quote time for completing required tasks and be comfortable working with Trac and svn.

Please get in touch if you are interested.

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Many new features in latest 0.6.2 release of Seagull Framework

Posted on 27 April 2007 by Demian Turner

Okay … it took a bit of time to get this release
out, 4 months to be exact which broke our monthly release cycle that
has been maintained for several years now. What’s up you ask? Have been
very busy working on a startup venture with some clever guys, more info
to come.

The main focus of 0.6.2
has been managing module resources so that they are completely
independent from the core framework and are easy to install. To that
end, everything a module might need can now be bundled in a single
archive which can be unzipped in the modules directory, and Seagull
will take care of everything else during the install process. Modules
can now additionally contain any template or data resources, which
include HTML, CSS, js and a range of data files. With the possibility
of adding additional include paths, and config or setup files on a
per-module basis, it’s much easier to incorporate advanced features
into your projects without touching the core.

Having said that, now the the 0.6 branch is quite
stable and feature complete we’ll be moving back to trunk and
developing new features that have been in the pipeline for several
months. The main focus will be on further decoupling the core framework
(everything in seagull/lib/SGL) from the bundled modules, and in future
releases all non-core features will be installable on-demand only. The
result will be a much smaller, more manageable core, therefore more
frequent releases, and better choice in terms of extra components for
framework users.

Back in 0.6.2 there has been a lot of work going on
behind the scenes, here are a few highlights from a quick look at the

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Tricks for discovering music

Posted on 18 April 2007 by Demian Turner

Getting bored of the tunes you know and love?  Time for some new music, and what better way to discover it than using a few nifty technology tricks.  Here’s the formula, it’s simple:

  • choose track to explore in iTunes on your Mac
  • right-click, ‘play similar’
  • growl notification sends iTunes data to client
  • client requests similarity music data and streams results to you in seconds

Get the iTunes plugin, the client and growl notification service to make this all work.

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Regex Widget for OS X

Posted on 11 April 2007 by Demian Turner

One of the few things I’ve been missing since moving to OS X fulltime was a decent interactive regex builder app.  The one in Eclipse is great, but Eclipse is about as anti-Mac as it gets.  Others that I’ve used such as regex buddy and regular expression editor don’t run on the Mac.

Well here’s a widget that does the trick quite well, though interactive highlighting of the target string would be even better.

UPDATE: thanks for mentioning Reggy, this is the one I use regularly now, check it out:

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