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Using WordPress

Posted on 01 October 2007 by Demian Turner

Quite an interesting thread on the PHP London mailing list about folks’ experience using WordPress. The final comment seemed to be the most indepth and informative, and confirms previous comments I’ve heard.

We did using WordPress, and speaking as someone who’s actually had to wade through pretty much the whole codebase, let me tell you it seriously sucks. A few highlights:

1. It tries to detect magic_quotes_gpc, un-quotes the superglobal arrays and then re-quotes them so it’s impossible to get access to the raw querystring or post data

2. I’ve had function chains up to eight calls long with each function in a different file.

3. I still have nightmares about a function called wpautop(). If you ever think about editing it… don’t.

4. I’ve lost count of the number of code blocks that have comments such as “This probably isn’t needed anymore”. Probably!?

And yes, my own blog runs WordPress. It’s just so damned easy to install 🙂

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3 Comments For This Post

  1. SantosJ Says:

    Yes, I’m not alone!

    Actually, your blog looks more like S9Y.

  2. Demian Turner Says:

    Sloppy code aside – been using WordPress a lot more recently and the usability is great.

  3. Blindspott Says:

    For an awesome CMS use Silverstripe!!

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