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10 types of programmers you’ll encounter

Posted on 16 November 2007 by Demian Turner

There is quite a funny document doing the rounds at the moment, an entertaining read with some pearls of wisdom buried under the humour.

Read it here [pdf]

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DreamCoder for MySQL Ver 4.2 Released

Posted on 16 November 2007 by Demian Turner

Mentat Technologies , leaders in database administration software development. Today announced the new DreamCoder for MySQL Ver 4.2.

What’s new in DreamCoder for MySQL?

* Improved connection stability.
* Reestablish connection option .
* Improved SSH connections.
* Enhanced alias description.
* Improved Query Builder usability.
* Enhanced data compare.
* Several minor bugs are fixed.

You can learn more about DreamCoder for MySQL at:

You can download DreamCoder for MySQL at:

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