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Mac OS X Flash/Youtube audio probs solved

Posted on 27 April 2008 by Demian Turner

Oh man I’ve spent so long not being able to watch Youtube videos, well they play but with no sound, bloody frustrating.  Tried many lines of attack through Google and only just managed to crack it.  The problem is widely reported but most of the suggested fixes don’t work.

  • voodoo fix #1: the most widely “documented” fix is to launch /Applications/Utilities/Audio MIDI and change the properties for built-in output from the default 44khz, to 96khz, then back to 44 – doesn’t work
  • voodoo fix #2: this one I like, launch Garage Band and the audio prob will be fixed, nada
  • the fix that works: delete the ~/Library/Preferences/Macromedia folder

Above prob occurs with latest software at the time of writing, btw:

Update: this problem just happened to me again, using OS X 10.5.8 and Safari 4.0.3.  Again, use the fix that works, restart Safari and problem fixed.

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  1. sammieG Says:

    Thank you, thank you. This worked! Well Done. To anyone else: Here is the real fix.

  2. Amanda Says:

    I have had this problem for a while. Nothing works not even this. I looked and didn’t even have a Macromedia folder in my preferences folder.

    Any other suggestions? Any help is appreciated.

  3. Ouriel Ohayon Says:

    great. the last one worked for me…

  4. Manfred Kohl Says:

    thanks a lot. That worked
    cheers from italy

  5. David Says:

    Wow. Thank you! I’ve looked all over the net for a solution. Deleting the Macromedia folder did it.

    P.S.: If you don’t see a Macromedia folder in ~/Library/Preferences, look in ~/User/username/Library/Preferences. That’s where I found mine.

    I had no idea how dependent I had become on YouTube until the audio vanished. It’s nice to be back in the age of “talkies” again. :-)

  6. miket Says:

    thank you so much for this!!!!!
    this problem has been bugging me for so long.

  7. Josh Says:

    Deleting the Macromedia folder worked – finally. Thanks!

  8. Andrew Says:

    Thank you so much! This one works. I have been concerned about this. The Macromedia folder didn’t want to go at first, but eventually I worked out that I had to empty the trash before the macromedia folder replaced itself, odd spawning behaviour. Well done and Thanks again.

  9. Blitzen Trappen Says:

    The last one worked for me! Thanks!

  10. james Says:

    Option #3 (delete Macromedia folder) absolutely worked. THANKS!

  11. jo Says:

    #3 worked for me on my gently used PowerBook G4….. Thanks

  12. Richard Says:

    I downloaded the latest flash player (10), shut down and rebooted and bravo I have youtube sound…

  13. Karen Says:

    omg the last one #3 worked for me thank you sooooo so much!

  14. Виталий Павленко Says:

    Премного благодарен автору. Возможно, в будущем я и на самом деле реализую подобную затею. :)

  15. Bruce Barber Says:


    You were right – #3 worked.

    Thanks SO MUCH – you ROCK!

  16. Brian Says:

    THANK YOU! I had a slightly different problem where certain video sites wouldn’t work, but others would. I contacted Adobe, searched the web for help, posted on forums, but no one was able to help. Using your option 3 saved the day! I’ve had this problem for months; it’s nice to finally have it fixed!

  17. jeff Says:

    thank you! i have been going crazy. just moved my studio around and everything has gone wrong. I’m waiting for my desk to explode…

  18. Phil McCoy Says:

    How do you delete it? I just dragged it to the trash and it worked that way but didn’t
    know if you had to get rid of it another way in order for it to reform. Thanks. Mine
    cut off a few days ago and I didn’t have a clue how to solve it.

  19. omar Says:

    incredible -just restarted safari- and it works! thanks for sharing!!

  20. haggis Says:

    Thank you!! At last one that works!!!

  21. AlexTP Says:

    Man, GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!!

    I was about to be crazy mate!!!!!!

    Deleting Macromedia folder just worked perfect!!!


  22. Norm Says:

    My story is similar but different. My audio output jack on my Mac G4 is broken. I have been taking audio out of the computer by USB into a devise that converts the audio so it can be used with a traditional amplifier and speakers. This presently works fine for audio or video with audio that is stored on my hard drive. Yesterday I was looking at a youtube video embedded on a non-youtube site. Both audio and video were working fine. Then the audio stopped working. I went to the youtube site and nothing worked there either. I have tried myspace and other sources with audio/video, but no audio from the internet will play on the USB system. If I switch the system preferences to select the internal speakers for output, I can get audio. Then everything from the internet or the computer plays on the internal speakers. I have two hard drives. I trashed Macromedia preferences on both drives, closed and opened Safari to no avail. Same thing with Firefox. I need to be able to play music from the internet through the USB amplifier and speakers. Hopefully, somebody out there knows what happened and can tell be how to fix it.

  23. Norm Says:

    In the audio midi setup app:
    From the drop-down menu I selected 44100.0 hz int the format field on the output (right) side of the dialog box.(It was at a very low setting for some reason).
    Also the Default Ouput and the System Output fields had built-in audio selected instead of iMic USB audio system. I used the drop-down menus to switch them back.

    This worked immediately and did not take long to accomplish.

  24. Jaydee Says:

    My problem developed after using iMic so that I could choose between internal speakers and powered external ones. Suddenly I couldn’t get sound on my browser, although all my other sound-requiring programs worked well. Did as you suggested, and voila! However, I have yet to re-try the imic. (Perhaps I will, now knowing the fix)

  25. Jaydee Says:

    Reattached the iMic, and no problem. So it may have been coincidental. In any case, the fix was a great blessing. Thanks again!

  26. pinkfetish Says:

    None of these options (or any of the comments) work for me. The search continues.

  27. mane Says:

    great!!! many thanks!

  28. nabeel Says:

    Hey vodoo fix #1 worked for me .. thnxx

  29. Druzzie Says:

    Thank you, I tried all the others first and even more. Found your page and fix and that worked. thanks Again

  30. Balvinder Says:

    Thanks worked like a charm.:-)

  31. Fay Kelley Says:

    had this problem on Snow Leopard and it worked great … I also tried the other voodoo solutions until I found your post.

    Much Thanks !!!

    Fay in Sedona

  32. Professor John Amaral Says:

    the problem is evidently some preference associated with the Flash Player. I found it living in User/library/preferences/Macromedia

    and deleted the folder, after which, youtube worked again!

  33. John Amaral Says:

    By the way, I think this preference got inadvertently set through use of a bluetooth external (Apple) keyboard, playing with the function keys.

    Hard to say…

  34. meagan Says:

    I don’t even have a macromedia file either like someone said above. does anyone know any other suggestions?

  35. marilyn marbrook Says:

    I have a Library/Preference but no Macromedia folder. It is a year-old powerbook laptop running OS 10.6.8. Do you think downloading the latest
    Flash player would work? The sound works on other audio sites, just not
    on youtube.
    Thanks for any help you can offer.
    best, marilyn

  36. Patrick Says:

    Please help! when I go to ~library/preferences folder there is NO macromedia folder. I searched for it as well and nothing came up. I know this post is a few years old but I am completely livid with this issue and refuse to pay Apple $60 bucks just so they can tell me the same thing you guys are.

  37. Patrick Says:

    Actually, the first “voodoo” fix worked for me. I would still like to know where I could find the macromedia folder though

  38. Kayte Says:

    Number 3 was the ticket~~ Macromedia was the culprit

    I found it through through COMPUTER-clicked on OS(C)-THEN IN THE OS(C) SEARCH WINDOW–I TYPED IN MACROMEDIA….when they all popped up deleted them– Deleted ALL the Macromedia files–I had 6! And then re-booted. Checked it out–my You-Tube worked!

    Evidently something weird with using or visiting too many websites that required flash—get stowed under Macromedia–and maybe an overload caused the You-Tube pile-up

  39. serge Says:

    it worked for me ( deleating the Macromedia folder) – thx ! Now , who can explain what is wron with this folder ? If it is there – it is meant for something.

  40. Stefan Smagula Says:

    Worked! Open Terminal and use the following command:

    rm -r ~/Library/Preferences/Macromedia

  41. Stanley Jacob Says:

    Thank you! I tried fix #3 on my G4 Mac and the sound was restored to YouTube.
    I tried many fixes from other websites, but yours worked right away. Again, thanks!

  42. jaime Says:

    i dont know how to find the macromedia folder. When you give User/library/preferences/Macromedia
    what does that mean and how do i get there?

  43. akshay Says:

    tried…there is no preference folder in my library folder!..what to do???

  44. jack Says:

    Delete you Macromedia folder. Fixed the poblem for me.

  45. Axel Says:

    Where is the preference folder? and where is user folder

  46. Guy Says:

    Thanks Demian for your great and so easy solution after such a long time searching!
    Great man!

  47. Deborah Says:

    I was having same problem but it turned out that the “Sound button” on the youtube video I was watching, somehow was turned off. I didn’t even know there was a sound button on the actual video, as opposed to my own sound on my computer. Both of my computers had no sound. Weird. I had to manually turn the sound on, on the left hand side of the video, there is a “speaker” button, which I had to “drag” the sound on!! I tried everything, from removing my flash player, deleting my cache and more!

  48. viraaaaaj Says:

    thanks i did work…cheers

  49. Lewis Says:

    My Problem: No audio when attempting to play YouTube videos on Powerbook G4 with OS X 10.4.11.

    Solution: Deleted a folder with random alphanumerical name that was located at Users\ User Name\Library\Preferences\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\. The deleted folder contained a multitude of folders and files specific to various websites that I had visited but did not include any for YouTube. Once moved to the Trash, audio on YouTube played immediately. Wish I had found this fix many months ago. Thanks!

    A newly-created alphanumerical folder included one file, A cursory search about this website did not identify the actual source but I did follow some advice on to deny the website (supposedly associated with popups on YouTube) from access to my camera or microphone.

  50. Felicity Says:

    Awesome, i’ve been searching through blogs for days to try and make my sound work on youtube and nothings worked. But thanks to Demian Turner I started garage band and it started working again. Thanks!

  51. jlsgaladriel Says:

    Almost seven years later, and this was *still* the right answer. Thank you!

  52. Tibbs Says:

    I deleted the files in ~/library/preferences/audio and my audio came back.

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