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What’s your killer iPhone Idea?

Posted on 27 August 2008 by Demian Turner

Been so busy lately I haven’t had much time to think about the wonderful new 3g iPhone, however reading the comments on Dave Troy’s blog got the ball rolling again 😉

I’m quite happy with the latest iPhone, but it certainly has quite a few problems.  Most of the complaints I’ve bumped into on the web has been overhyped, but what I would consider real issues are as follows:

  • poor 3g reception
  • inability to recognise that a trusted wifi network won’t authenticate, and the need to manually “forget the network” in order to connect
  • instability of even core software: what’s up with address book, even after firmware update 2.0.2 it constantly freezes … am restarting the phone a lot to try and get around it
  • what’s up with the New York Times? I love this app but it’s a frequent crasher and mostly can’t retrieve data, even on wifi I get endless spinning wheels
  • inability to run programs in the background: if you can run music behind any program, why not any other program?  I recently tried out and it’s great, but totally impractical as you can’t use the phone for anything else while it’s tracking ..

Two apps I’d love to see asap, not listed in aforementioned comments:

  • ability to use the iPhone as a 3g wifi router: free wifi connectivity outside your home/office in the UK is absolutely horrendous and I often find myself stuck because either Starbucks data rates are unreasonable or more likely because Joe Bloggs wifi service is out of order
  • verbose feedback for network activity: like the verbose output on an ssh connection.  There’s so much wheel-spinning I think it would greatly relieve frustration to know what exact problem the iPhone is having connecting
  • loopt: I wrote those guys to see when their app would be released in the UK, no answer …

So what’s your great iPhone idea?  Any interesting experiences to relate using PHP as a backend?

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  1. Andrew Johnstone Says:

    Hey Demian,

    I’ve been looking into doing some iphone dev, got a few sample apps up and running however I’m looking at bridging off-line data synchronisation for databases & websites, which means I can rapidly port websites and on-line databases to my iphone.

    Yes, I finally got the new iphone, after you hounding me about my n95.

    Anyway, sure I will catch up with you soon.



  2. iphone developer Says:

    Check out if you have a good app idea. It lets you get multiple quotes from multiple developers, I find jobs on this site too!

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