Seagull 0.6.0RC3 Released – Including Urgent Security Fix

Posted on 06 June 2006 by Demian Turner

RC3 is out! This will be the last release candidate before the
stable 0.6.0 release. But first an urgent security notice:

Schlemmer wrote in earlier last week to report a compromise he’d
discovered that allowed registered members of a Seagull installation to
increase their privileges to admin user level. His hack was quite
creative and I don’t think your average member is going to come up with
something similar, but I urge all Seagull users to upgrade to the
latest RC3 release which includes a fix that plugs the security hole.

you’re running an RC2 release and don’t want to do a full upgrade yet,
you can apply this patch. If you still need help fixing your
install try the irc channel, forum or mailing list.

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PHP Gets a Respectable Shell At Last

Posted on 07 May 2006 by Demian Turner

This story was covered recently at, but if you don’t aggregate that, make sure you don’t miss this gem: PHP now has a shell!

I remember this being promised and blogged about around a year ago, but it doesn’t seem to have materialized until now. If you’ve used the Python interactive shell, you immediately notice how PHP’s equivalent is the poor relation.

Thanks to Jan Kneschke this is no longer the case. A very nice program he’s written, PHP 5 only, you can download the files here and here.

For the last few years I’ve been trying to build the considerable patience required to use the default shell available in PHP. If you have any parse errors, it dies, and of course you have to keep typing "<?php" everytime you re-fire it up.

Jan’s version is a considerable improvement, and although it doesn’t yet handle up-arrow for previous LOC or back-arrow in case you type your parentheses first and want to fill in the variables after, it’s a welcome relief to work with. I’m sure it will delay the capitulation when you give up and create a stupid file and request it in a browser just to test some little PHP detail.

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Using the latest PHP 5 and AJAX technology

Posted on 30 March 2006 by Demian Turner

"… we hope to bring a great web experience". So says the new revamped My Account area of Zend. And this is what it looks like 5 mins after login, ie, the same as it looked immediately after login.

Good in the sense I don’t have to blur out any fields, it’s totally anonymous.

Nice redesign, by the way, Zend folks. But please get off this AJAX bandwagon that encourages situations where the ‘technology’ can render the information useless.

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Seagull Gets Top Marks in Recent Framework Comparison

Posted on 20 March 2006 by Demian Turner

Thanks to Daniel Pallet over at for his recent article comparing 10 PHP frameworks. It’s a pleasant surprise that based on the checkmarks for features marking scheme, Seagull
came out with the top score. A lot of complaints from the other
contestants "you didn’t give me credit for this" – I guess visibility
of features is an important feature in itself.

Now that most of the work has been done for the 0.6 stable release, a
new round of effort is scheduled to bring the docs up to date and
improve the overall documentation format. My goal would be to get a few tutorials out to the same level of quality as the renowned Askeet series.

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Admin GUI Overhaul for Seagull 0.6

Posted on 13 March 2006 by Demian Turner

After a 2 week sprint to the finish line, I’m pleased to announce the first release candidate for the 0.6 series of Seagull framework project is now available for download.

There’s been a lot of improvements implemented under the hood, but the
most noticeable change is the completely redesigned admin user
interface by Julien Casanova. Curious to try before you ‘buy’, checkout
the demo at (config edits disabled).

Although we have maintained our 1 release per month policy for most of the project’s life, the last stable release was back in November 2005, and that was from the 0.4 series which started way back in the beginning of 2005 . Get more info on our release policy .

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Responding to Feedback on a recent Seagull Development Release

Posted on 11 March 2006 by Demian Turner

The Seagull project recently got reviewed by Florian, I’d like to respond to a few of his points:

the site has 0.5.5 as "development release", I tried installing it via PEAR
(instructions here – didn’t work at all)

A stable release is due out shortly, and the PEAR installs have been improved.

then I tried svn-trunk, as was recommended. This worked better, but 2 more things happened:
– first pageload: template issue: "Notice: Undefined property: HTML_Template_Flexy_Token_Text"

There was a small error in Flexy configuration, now fixed.

– memory_limit of 16 MB may or may not be recommended by setup – I did
get a Fatal error in PEAR::Date_Timezone when a "joined at" should’ve
been displayed in a user page

There are a couple of screens where the PHP process grabs just over the 8MB default (when compiled with –enable-memory-limit), we should be able to address these by the next release.

they use trac, and I personally hate to register to file bugs – ok, no bug reports by me then :/

We were cautious at first due to spam worries, but the comment is a fair one, so we’ve changed the config to allow anonymous tickets now.

minimalistic is ok, but when I see the default page introduced after a
fresh install, why can’t I edit it? – too strict separation of
framework and cms? why is it installed then?

I updated the default homepage to give better instructions regarding what to do after install. Now that the admin GUI has been completely redone, the next step is to provide a better front end look and feel.

when I login as admin, I am presented the modules page – when leaving
it, however, I can’t find my way back there without logging out and in
again or remembering the url

Yep, the default navigation needed to be better thought out, this has now been done. As for Florian’s wishlist at the end of the post:

  • dish out RCs and releases faster
  • unit testing is fine, but how can it be that a new user can’t get
    it too work? my dev webserver happily accepted the last ~20 opensource
  • make submitting bugs open. don’t force work on users. YOU want them to help your project

Releases – we try to keep to one a month, I think that’s fast enough, at least it’s as fast as we can manage! Install probs – we’re always trying to improve. And anonymous bugs – we’ve taken your cue on this one.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Seagull 0.5.5 Released

Posted on 31 January 2006 by Demian Turner

We released development version 0.5.5 of the Seagull framework last week – many thanks for all the devs who contributed to this release, particularly all the regulars on #seagull.

0.5.5 was massive compared to previous releases, 119 tickets dealt with compared with 63 from 0.5.4, and that’s just the documented stuff. Click around for details.

The main new features in no particular order are:

An article Lukas recently wrote reviewing several frameworks stuck me as particularly insightful, if you install Seagull as a PEAR package the 5 conditions he outlines are all satisfied. Thanks to bugs in PEAR being ironed out with the 1.4.6 release subpackage dependencies now work as you’d expect. Currently Seagull is packaged as the core framework with the 3 default modules listed as required subpackages, so doing a simple

$ pear channel-discover
$ pear install phpkitchen/seagull

is all you’re need to get the framework fully up and running, thankfully more user-friendly than some recently published examples.

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Last Chance for PHP Conference UK Early Bird Tickets

Posted on 31 January 2006 by Demian Turner

There are only a few seats left for London’s first PHP Conference happening Feb 10th, 2006. And if you buy before Feb 3rd, 2006 it will only cost you £50, or €73, after that prices go up to £75. So if you’re a PHP developer in the UK, or anywhere in Europe for that matter, reserve this weekend and treat yourself to a great event.

Also, we’ve had some last minute luck and will now be able to offer wifi access to delegates – "you mean you were thinking of not offering it" I can hear you say, it’s a long story 🙂

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PHP Conference UK 2006

Posted on 09 January 2006 by Demian Turner

If you’re in the UK or have an easy way of flying into London for the weekend of Feb 10-12, 2006, be sure to check out PHP Conference UK 2006, a one day event being held at the Southbank University’s Keyworth Centre, minutes from central London with easy access by foot, tube and train.

This will be the first PHP Conference to be held in the UK and is the result of a year’s planning and preparation by PHP-London’s conference team.  We were lucky enough to get an excellent lineup of speakers, with talks ranging from ezComponents, AJAX, pico container – more info to come.

Sign up now to take advantage of the early bird registration price which is very easy on the pocketbook, GBP £50 which is about €73 or USD $88.  To find prices this good you’d otherwise have to venture out to Quebec or BC, Canada, so Europeans out there get with it and book your tickets now.

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Seagull 0.5.4 Released

Posted on 19 December 2005 by Demian Turner

Seagull 0.5.4 from the development branch was released last week, the last release for 2005, and ended up being suprisingly full of new features. Here are some of the highlights:

  • implemented an XML-RPC gateway for easy creation of web services
  • version checker first feature to take advantage of RPC
  • Chinese and Polish translations updated
  • Service Locator object added, now trivial to swap in test db at runtime
  • Smarty template support integrated (Malaney J. Hill)
  • installer now optionally loads default data
  • DB2 support added (Tobias Kuckuck)
  • Web root path now configurable from installer
  • Improved performance for DB-based sessions (Eric Persson)
  • the following url parsing strategies are now enabled by default: classic querystring, standard Seagull SEF, and now UrlAlias, see here for more details
  • Basic CLI request implemented (Eric Persson)
  • Uri aliases integrated into navigation module, external Uris handled (Andrey Podshivalov)
  • Block management enhanced – you can now create any number of arbitrarily positioned blocks and assign content to them (Andrey Podshivalov)
  • Integrated advanced locale features available via SGL_Locale (a wrapper for PEAR’s i18nv2), disabled by default

Download here, recommended for php < 5 until Zend IDE supports debugging for php 5.1. Simpletest would be nice too.

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