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HTML Brings Home the Bacon

Posted on 23 September 2004 by Demian Turner

According to a recent article at The Register, the IT salaries are on the rise again! At least in the UK – this has also been commented on by Harry. Needless to say corporate/media recognition of PHP is typically low and the language is not even mentioned in the results. However no need to worry, in fact moral of the story appears to be “drop everything and sell yourself as an HTML developer”:

The most popular skills demanded by the public sector were Oracle,
Office, SQL and Java. In terms of advertised salary Oracle developers
can expect £50,000, SQL developers £47,000 and Java developers £43,000,
figures for Office developers were not available. The rest of the Top
Ten was: Unix (£51K), HTML (£48K), Prince(£NA), Windows2000 (£NA), SQL
Server (£54K) and Visual Basic (£49K)

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