PHP Kitchen is currently working on several projects:

  • The Seagull framework has now reached a stable 1.0 version, the popular 0.6 branches is still available, I’m considering moving 1.0 to github since there are so many good collaborative features there
  • sgl2 is effort to refactor the core Seagull framework to php5 only code and make extensive use of our plugin model.  Progress is currently a little slow but I have high hopes for the project.
  • I’ve got a great domain for the Seagull CMS, soon to be renamed to Fireball CMS, but progress on the initial release is slow due to a heavy workload
  • Doris, a productivity tool, continues to attract a healthy number of signups, these days mostly from Brazil, France and Spain.  There is a lot of demand for collaborative task management, I’m hoping to attack this feature soon
  • I’m working on a rewrite of Soopsee, a website builder app, with Ed Lea, the new version is using Google’s pubsub infrastructure to provide near realtime updates to hundreds of thousands of customer feeds
  • Our suite of productivity iPhone apps continues to attract a healthy number of downloads in the App Store, each of the apps has had a recent, major update, with more planned
  • I’m working with my friend Julien over at Soluo to build a CRM app, currently it’s quite similar to Highrise, but we plan to hone in on more social features and are targeting an alpha release summer 2010